About us


With over 42 years in the industry marked by technological shifts, stringent regulations, and informed borrowers, MLO ProTraining has been at the forefront of these changes, collaborating with professionals ranging from underwriters and escrow officers to loan processors, brokers, and originators.


From the 2008 market crash, a period that reshaped the lending landscape. we recognized the need for a revolutionary training program, one that goes beyond theory and offers hands-on, practical insights to navigate the roller-coaster market conditions and ever-evolving lending guidelines.

Why MLO ProTraining?

Unlike many training schools that offer courses  to pass tests for licensing and the yearly required Continuation Education (CE) to renew, the MLO ProTraining platform is a prerequisite for a successful loan originator career. 

From License to Top Producer, MLO ProTraining propels you towards top-tier production. Gain a solid foundation that extends beyond the basics, turning you into a high-performing, knowledgeable, and sought-after professional.

Look no further. Start now. Experience the Power of Knowledge.